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Meet Mike

Meet MikeMike is a regular at St Luke’s Table, one of the five Community Ministries of the Diocese. Mike’s own story includes times of profound struggle and loss. He tells anyone who listens that St Luke’s Table helped to change his life. Mike’s story resonates with so many others who come to our Community Ministries, struggling with serious challenges in life such as mental health issues, substance abuse and poverty. Our diocesan Community Ministries are there for them, providing a helping hand in so many ways.



KatrinaMeet Katrina

Katrina is in her final term of the Social Service Worker program at St Lawrence College in Cornwall. She has worked with other students to support the emerging Trinity Drop-In Day Program. Katrina is the kind of student who, once graduated, would be a great candidate for the Mission Engagement Internship Program. Recent college and university students will be employed to empower and facilitate community engagement. Imagine a small team of young adults with skills, energy and vision working throughout our diocese enabling collaboration amongst parishes and empowering us to engage the greater community in both rural and urban settings.


Alamour familyMeet the Alomour Family

The Alomours now live in Canada, having made the long journey as refugees from their home in Syria. The Alomours are just one of many families sponsored by parishes in our diocese. The parishes, in turn, are supported by our diocesan Refugee Ministry. It is impossible for most of us to imagine fleeing our homes and building a new life in a far off, strange land. Ensuring we can continue our Refugee Ministry and welcome more people like the Alomours is critical to our mission and requires continuing support.


LeslieMeet Leslie

Leslie serves our diocese as the Learning Facilitator. On any given day Leslie engages parish leaders, plans diocesan and national youth events and works in the greater community addressing issues around youth-at-risk. Whether helping to foster a dynamic multigenerational church, or extending networks of collaboration among us, or forging partnerships with those who share our vision for community service – Leslie’s ministry is grounded in relationships.


PeterMeet Peter

Peter is a seasoned priest, serving as the Associate Incumbent at St Helen’s, Orleans. Over the years Peter has given of his time to help parishes craft a vision for renewed ministry. While continuing his parish duties, Peter is also Director of the newly formed Parish Ministries Institute (PMI). He brings his many leadership, visioning and facilitation skills to the whole Diocese. The PMI will gather, train, and equip people to be leaders in meeting the challenges and opportunities we face in the Church of the 21st century.


Michelle RobertMeet Michele and Robert

Michele and Robert live in Cornwall and are active participants at the drop-in day program at Trinity Church. With the support of the Diocese and the parish, this new ministry provides a much needed resource to the community. Michele and Robert hope that the day program will continue to expand, flourish and provide essential programs and support that will be of benefit to those most vulnerable in their community.


RyanMeet Ryan

Last year was a big year for Ryan. He graduated from seminary, was ordained a deacon, then a priest and his son was born. He is currently serving as an assistant curate at Christ Church Bells Corners. Surrounded by a supportive community with the mentorship of a seasoned priest, Ryan brings fresh energy and creative ideas to his ministry today. With the benefit of this curacy, he will be even more prepared to serve tomorrow, perhaps one day in your parish. In a time of opportunity, challenge and change, equipping our recently ordained leaders is an investment for all of us tomorrow. Ryan had a big year last year, there are many more to come.

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